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Bid Protests collects articles that discuss bid protest decisions at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the United States Court of Federal Claims.


Why bid protests are a good thing...

It's not unusual to hear complaints about the seemingly rampant abuse of the right to file bid protests. Sure there are cases where much-needed procurements get derailed for years. How long did the war over the KC-X tanker contract last???

Protests, however, serve a vital role in preserving the integrity and fairness of the procurement system. The need to keep the system fair doesn't mean that it is riddled with corruption. Rather, many decisions that sustain protests are about fixing relatively simple (and human) glitches that occur during the course of evaluations. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued an opinion that did just that when it sustained the Protest of Triad International Maintenance Corporation, No. B-408374 (September 5, 2013).  

Triad International Maintenance Corporation (TIMCO) protested the award of an aircraft structural inspection and maintenance contract by the United States Coast Guard to DRS Technical Services, Inc. (DRS). The contract to be awarded was intended to replace two existing contracts involving essentially the same work. TIMCO was the incumbent on one of the contracts; DRS was the incumbent on the other. The new contract was to be awarded to the contractor whose proposal would provide the best value to the Government on the basis of its evaluation of four factors in descending order of importance: (1) technical capability, (2) relevant past performance, (3) management, and (4) price. The technical capability rating would be determined on the basis of seven equally weighted factors, two of which involved corporate and technical experience. Price was to be evaluated to determine whether the offered prices were reasonable and balanced.

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